Man Charged After Swimming in Bass Pro Shop Fish Tank

If you’ve ever seen a huge indoor aquarium at a Bass Pro Shop store, you may have had a fleeting thought about hopping in. But police in Bossier City say one man’s thoughts didn’t flee — and he fled from the store soaking wet after jumping in.
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American Flag

Camp Kelly: 4th Of July Confetti Poppers & Cocktails

Secure with glue or tape. Cover the roll with cutesy red, white and blue paper add some things like ribbon and stickers. Stuff tube with confetti about 3 teaspoons.
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Practical Tips to Avoid Getting Bit By Mosquitoes This Summer

When summer comes each year, mosquito bites seem unavoidable for most. For those that can’t stop being bit, research has found some practical tips to avoid mosquitoes this summer. Read them now.
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beer pong table

Camp Kelly: DIY Beer Pong Table

Who’s up for some beer pong? We got crafty today on Camp Kelly & made a custom beer pong table!
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Is it Safe to Go to a Barbecue During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As summer approaches, parts of the country are still dealing with COVID-19 cases spiking. Is it safe to go to a barbecue during the COVID-19 pandemic?
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Sabrina from queens drinking seltzer

What's Hot With Sabrina From Queens: Seltzer Challenge

You get a whole bunch of seltzer, all the same flavor but from different brands. The idea is to guess which brand each drink is ... while blindfolded!
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3 Tricks to Curbing Your Kids' Summer Boredom

While this summer may look a little different than most with coronavirus-induced closures and alterations to travel still in full swing, you may be wondering how you can curb your kids’ summer boredom.
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tie dye shirts

Camp Kelly: Tie Dye Shirts

Did you ever make tie-dye shirts as a kid? Well, that's exactly what today's Camp Kelly activity is all about.
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11 Items to Deck Out Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Make the most out of your outdoor space and turn it into your own personal oasis! From whimsical decorations to fun toys for kids, here are items you can purchase to deck out your backyard or balcony.
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Summer Is Here and Your Mask Is Sweaty: Here's What to Do About It

As summer approaches, it may be hot, and you may get sweaty. Here is what you can do if your mask gets sweaty while you are outside. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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