Binge Watching

Coronavirus Rom-com Debuting Later This Month

You can catch the show on August 22 and 23, and it will be released on Hulu the following day.
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Data Reveals Deodorant Sales Are Dropping, and Ice Cream Sales Are on the Rise

Quarantine has been tough on everyone, for a number of reasons, but as it continues people are beginning to change their daily habits in some not so appealing ways. New data shows deodorant sales are dropping, while ice cream sales are on the rise.
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Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert Is Missing the Stage, But Has Hope for the Future

We could all use a lift from Country star Miranda Lambert in her Airstream to take us out of 2020 and into some better times. The "Bluebird" singer is currently under quarantine just like the rest of us and spoke with New York's Country 94.7's Kelly Ford this morning about how she's dealing with...
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Darius Rucker

Listen: Darius Rucker Records A Song With His Daughter During Quarantine

Darius had some fun with his 19-year-old daughter, Dani & recorded a song with her during quarantine. The song is called “I Don’t Love You Like That."
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car waving

All The Feels: Volunteers Organize Car Parades To Cheer Up Residents At Nursing Homes

As a way to spread some joy, a group of volunteers in California called the "Elder Kindness Gang" have been organizing car parades.
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Dad Transforms Home Into Giant Ball Pit to Entertain His Daughters During Quarantine

A father turned his house into a giant ball pit filled with 250,000 balls to keep his daughters entertained while social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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NY Country 94.7 BG 4

Download New York's Country 94.7 'Zoom Backgrounds'

Make your chats pop with some New York's Country 94.7 flavored backgrounds!
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girl texting on phone in bed

How To Find Love In Lockdown, Tips From Long Island Matchmaker Maureen Tara Nelson

Since there isn't much to do during the pandemic, Maureen says singles don't have as many distractions and singles can feel lonely.
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Viral 'Duvet Dress Challenge' Has People Wrapping Themselves in Blankets as Clothing

With many people stuck at home, some have been struggling not getting dressed to be seen in public each morning. This has led to the latest viral challenge, which has people turning their blankets into clothing fashion statements.
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Dogs May Face Separation Anxiety Once Coronavirus Lockdown Is Over, Experts Say

Dog experts believe that once the “stay-at-home” restrictions are lifted and things start getting back to normal, many dogs may have “extreme separation anxiety” when the human go back to work. Read more on how to establish a routine.
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