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What's Hot With Sabrina From Queens: Drive-In Movie Experience

Every Thursday at 7:10 AM, Sabrina From Queens fills you in on What's Hot on Kelly Ford In The Morning.
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9/11 Memorial Museum Reopens to Public After 6-Month Closure

The 9/11 Memorial Museum officially opened its doors to the public Saturday, the day after the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks and six months after the museum closed because of the coronavirus.
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'Tribute in Light' Organizer Calls to Make 9/11 Memorial Permanent

New York attorney Philip K. Howard, who helped organize and chaired the committee that created the “Tribute in Light” memorial for the victims of 9/11, is calling to make it permanent after it was almost canceled amid COVID-19 fears.
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All The Feels: MTA Workers Save A Man's Life In Brooklyn

The MTA recognized both of them for their heroic efforts!
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All The Feels: NY Man Saved From Downing By Priests On A Floating Tiki Bar

Jimmy did have a lifejacket but it didn't fit well. He knew he was in trouble and began to pray for help.
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Man Finds Over 80,000 Bees Living in Walls of Home for Over 40 Years

Tom Egel, the 91-year-old homeowner, says he was in absolute shock when he found out there were over 80,000 bees living in the walls and ceiling of his Garden City home.
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All The Feels: Man Thanks Long Island Hospital For Saving His Life TWICE

Adam started a fundraiser & raised more than $10,000 for medical supplies and PPE for North Shore University Hospital staff.
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Nigerian Boy Gets NYC Ballet Company Scholarship After Dance Video Goes Viral

An 11-year-old Nigerian boy received a scholarship and an offer to train at the American Ballet Theatre after a video of him dancing in the rain went viral.
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Caught on Video: Maskless Revelers Take Over Public Bus for Wild Pop-Up Party

Authorities are investigating after an MTA bus was taken over by dozens of maskless people for a pop-up party over the weekend. Video shows partygoers smoking a hookah, dancing and even taking their clothes off for the camera.
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Hispanic Residents Facing Highest COVID-19 Fatality Rates in America's Third-Largest County

The Hispanic population in the third-largest county in the United States is facing disproportionate fatality rates due to the coronavirus pandemic. The impact of COVID-19 on Hispanic communities is not unique to Texas, and can be seen across the US.
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