What's The Deal Katie Neal: Free Donuts & Coffee

The limited-time deal started this Monday and will continue Aug. 10 and Aug. 17, Dunkin’ said in a press release.
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girl in car seat

All The Feels: 4-Year-Old Gives Advice On How Boys Should Talk to Girls

After being catcalled by an 8-year-old boy at the park, 4-year-old Delilah was not happy at all.
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kid eating

What's The Deal Katie Neal: Where To Get Free Meals For Your Kids

Many restaurants actually have specials where kids eat free.
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kid playing drums

All The Feels: 4-Year-Old Drummer Rocks Harder Than Most Pros

You'll be shocked when you find out how old this drummer is ... only 4-years-old!
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3 Tricks to Curbing Your Kids' Summer Boredom

While this summer may look a little different than most with coronavirus-induced closures and alterations to travel still in full swing, you may be wondering how you can curb your kids’ summer boredom.
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tie dye shirts

Camp Kelly: Tie Dye Shirts

Did you ever make tie-dye shirts as a kid? Well, that's exactly what today's Camp Kelly activity is all about.
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10-Year-Old Sends Art Kits to Kids Across Country as a Form of Therapy

On Chelsea Phaire’s 10th birthday last August, she launched her own charity, called Chelsea’s Charity. With the help of her family in Connecticut, she packs up kits of art supplies and sends them to kids across the country.
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girl drawing

All The Feels: 10-Year-Old Sends Art Kits To Kids During Quarantine

Since March, Chelsea has sent out 1,500 art kits!
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teacher hugging students

All The Feels: Teacher Creates Plastic Barrier to Hug Students During Coronavirus Social Distancing

Kelsey constructed the barrier using a shower curtain, tape, and Ziploc bags.
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sheet fort

Keep The Kids Busy With These Fun Fort Building Ideas

Here are some simple tips to create the perfect fort!
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