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HOME SCHOOLED: Kelsea Ballerini Shares What's Keeping Her Busy in Quarantine

We caught up with Kelsea Ballerini during our “Home Schooled” series, as the “homecoming queen?” singer shares a look at her new album and what is keeping her busy during this time of social distancing.
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HOME SCHOOLED: Jordan Davis Gives in to 'Tiger King' Craze and Does Not Regret It.

Jordan Davis released a new song called “Detours” and has given in to the “Tiger King” craze. Find out more in the latest from our “Home Schooled” series.
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HOME SCHOOLED: Matt Stell Can't Get Over His Dust Discovery While in Quarantine

Country star Matt Stell is adding to our “Home Schooled” series, serving up a lesson from inside his house. The singer is trying to get to the bottom of what dust is, now that he’s back home.
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