Miranda Lambert Reveals Her Biggest Fear Of NYC + Talks New Music

Tuesday, November 5th

Miranda Lambert is back with her brand new album Wildcard which came out November 1st featuring the hit single "It All Comes Out In The Wash."

Miranda sat down with Kelly Ford to talk about her relationship with New York City and the impact it had on her writing process for her seventh studio album.

Kelly pointed out that "Pretty Bitchin'" and "Locomotive" are two great songs for her early morning subway commute. We then find out that Miranda is afraid of the subway! Even though the country superstar is married to an NYPD Officer, she explains, "I don't know how to navigate it...I'm scared of the stops. I know I won't pay attention - I'm ADD - so I'll be daydreaming and miss my place to get out." She admits that her husband is trying to get her to "chill out about it."

Another track with a clear NYC inspiration is "Fire Escape." She tells Kelly, "I've never had a fire escape before until being here. So, of course, I had to write about it - it's new." She goes on to say how "it's all still new. Being from a tiny town in East Texas, all of its so crazy." Miranda explains that before her move to the city, she'd been here a lot, but only for work. Once she moved here, she talks about how "getting to just disappear and really get into the culture of the city was so good for my creativity and inspiration because it was something different." 

Miranda talks about the "what you see is what you get" mentality of her fellow New Yorkers and how it makes her feel at home. She says that Texans have that same charm that makes her feel like the people she meets are genuine and not fake. She says this mentality here is "just like Southern hospitality, but Northern." 

Miranda's new record Wildcard is available everywhere right now!