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Nominated by the Academy of Country Music as a Major Market Personality of the year, Katie Neal knows that everyone basically says her name like it’s one word “katieneal.” Katie was raised in the heart of the Midwest in the booming Metropolis of Bartonville, Illinois. She’s very proud of her small-town roots but swears she was born to live in New York City.

Her life looks a lot like a sitcom mash-up of Carrie Bradshaw meets Carrie Underwood, but with a much smaller closet in her Brooklyn apartment. If you follow Katie on social media (@heykatieneal) you know she’s always traveling somewhere. Iceland, Morocco, her best friends wedding in Muncie, Indiana. Seriously, she’s always at a wedding.

Since she’s always looking for a way to save a buck, we figured we might as make that a thing with What’s The Deal, Katie Neal?. Check out the “Deal Depot” for a slew of cheap deals and freebies.

What's The Deal, Katie Neal?

Katie, now a recognized Outstanding Alumna, began her radio career began at Illinois State Universities 103.3 WZND in Bloomington-Normal. Where she co-founded the university's first morning show “Wake Up Normal” which is still on the air today.

After hosting Nights and Weekends at WBNQ, Katie made the move to New York City where she works her dream job, on New York’s Country 94.7.

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