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Kitten Up For Adoption After Being Rescued On The GWB

Port Authority police came to the rescue after a little kitten was spotted on the George Washington Bridge. She was near the lower level toll plaza running through traffic. Officers were able to safely rescue the cat. They gave her food and water and even named her Highway. Highway was taken to the... Read More
Pumpkin spice drink

You’ll Never Believe What Food Product Is Going Pumpkin Spice

It's that time of year to "Pumpkin Spice" everything! Spam is the latest product to get the treatment. It goes on sale September 23rd, and it'll only be available online at and According to one website that tasted an advanced sample, it "wasn't bad" and reminded them of... Read More
Efficient Home

What to Look for In a New Home to Ensure Sustainability

By Lori Melton Today’s eco-conscious home buyers are interested in purchasing a home that’s good for the planet. With the growing popularity of green initiatives, it’s not too hard to find eco-friendly features in the current housing market. Plus, environmentally friendly elements in a living space... Read More
baby and mom

NYPD Officers Help Deliver Baby Girl On The West Side Highway

When a woman went into labor while in the car, 2 NYPD officers sprung into action. Police officers Michael Schiaffo and Ronald Vincen spotted the family waiving down help on Saturday night as they were heading down the West Side Highway. NYPD officers are not trained to deliver babies, but Officer... Read More
Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett Sings Happy Birthday To His 2-Year-Old Daughter

Happy birthday to Thomas Rhett's 2-year-old daughter Ada James! She celebrated her second birthday on August 12th! As sleepy Ada woke up and headed into the kitchen, she was greeted by her dad TRhett singing happy birthday to her. Too cute <3 Happy 2nd birthday to my sleepy baby girl--love you... Read More
Kip Moore

Kip Moore Releases New Single From Upcoming Album

Kip Moore has released the first single from his upcoming fourth studio album. Kip co-wrote “She’s Mine,” in addition to being the sole producer on the song. “I wrote this song at a time in my life when I realized that my life was flipped upside down and I didn’t know which way was up. Every... Read More
Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert Drops Third Song From Upcoming Album

Miranda Lambert has released the third song from her upcoming studio album. The track is called “Mess with My Head,” and it was inspired by living part-time in New York City. 'Mess with My Head’ is a departure from anything that I’ve done before. It has a real rock edge. Part of that comes from my... Read More
Back To School, School Supplies

New York’s Country 94.7 #ClearTheLists

As 'Back To School' shopping season is in full swing -- we're looking to do our part to help Tri-state area kids get the supplies they need! Every year, teachers reach into their own pockets to buy school supplies for their classrooms. Let’s support our local teachers by helping them get what they... Read More