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Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Runaway June Release Your New Go-To Album With 'Blue Roses'

This is one group you should keep on your radar.

June 28, 2019

By Alessandra Guarneri

Runaway June’s highly anticipated debut album, Blue Roses, is finally here and if you have yet to hear it, prepare for this 10-track masterpiece to exceed your highest expectations. 

The full-length album, released on June 28, 2019, provides all listeners with an accurate overview of both the group’s identity and sound. Whether you discovered them right as they released their first single “Lipstick” or just found out who they were today, Blue Roses will make you remember that this is one group you’ll want to keep on your radar. The trio, made up of Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne, began 2019 strong with the well-deserved success coming from the fan-favorite “Buy My Own Drinks” and have only continued the positive momentum with this latest release. Thankfully, the female-empowerment on this body of work does not end there. 

Between powerful harmonies creating the ideal vocal blend for each track and its relatable lyrics, Blue Roses dominates all aspects of what fans want to hear from a debut album. The undeniable effort that went into each and every track is indirectly shown off from its intricate production and intense attention to detail. Every guitar lick and harmony serves a purpose and if one thing is for certain, this was not a simple “cut and paste” job done in the studio. Although it will leave you subconsciously tapping your foot as if there’s a piece of tape attached to the bottom of your shoe, it’s not the type of catchy many music fans tend to avoid. 

Blue Roses is the kind of pop-country that will be hard to resist by fans of all genres. The group’s vocals, in addition to the LP’s carefully crafted instrumentals, scream nineties and that type of influence is exactly what the industry needs right now. Their playful aura as a group will cause many listeners to understand and relate to their unique, yet admirable, attitude and sass portrayed through their lyrics. This is the type of clever songwriting that many artists and bands lack or struggle to accomplish with or without help. 

Before you can even finish listening to this album, Runaway June will convince you that they are the next big country group and have you playing “Head Over Heels” on repeat. The addictive guitar licks and irresistible beats on Blue Roses are unlike anything we have heard from country or any other genre recently. The way they are able to effortlessly transition from upbeat tracks to slow jams without any lack of rhythm or passion is simply captivating. Listeners are also able to get a look into their personal struggles and life as they remain true to their roots but just take their talent to a whole new level. They even creatively implement the use of an acoustic guitar throughout each song. 

Every track on Blue Roses is its own kind of a masterpiece. It’s the type of album that you can blast with the windows down in your car or shamelessly sing in the shower. The aspects of both traditional and pop country included throughout this body of work are satisfying to listen to in several settings and situations. Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne shine through this work of art even more than they have in the past. The delicate, yet powerhouse, vocals and harmonies included on this album, as well as its production, show off just how talented and versatile Runaway June is as a group.