Florida Georgia Line (Photo by Alessandra Guarneri)

Photo by Alessandra Guarneri

Review: Florida Georgia Line Take Over PNC Bank Arts Center

After delays caused by weather, Florida Georgia Line performed a full-set for some of their most dedicated fans.

July 12, 2019

After a massive delay due to inclement weather at PNC Bank Arts Center, Florida Georgia Line proved themselves yet again to another sold-out crowd. 

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard brought the phrase “the show must go on” to life when they waited through thunderstorms and torrential rain to perform for some of their most dedicated fans. Even after attendees were drenched from torrential rain and had been waiting for about two hours, they made sure to stick around for Florida Georgia Line and even made it to the end of their set which went almost two hours passed the venue’s usual curfew. 

Florida Georgia Line (Photo by Alessandra Guarneri)
Photo by Alessandra Guarneri

This stop of the Can’t Say I Ain’t Country tour was undoubtedly one to remember. Between the incredible opening acts, Hardy, Morgan Wallen and Dan + Shay, and the excitement that built up beginning in the early afternoon in the parking lots of the venues that lasted until the next morning, fans were more ready than ever to see the iconic duo perform. When the clock struck 11 p.m. and Florida Georgia Line stepped on stage, one thing was clear. They intended to put on the best show they possibly could. 

Dan + Shay NJ 2019 (Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri)
Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

Beginning the set with their hit “Colorado,” they visibly felt the audience’s enthusiasm and intense anticipation for the show they had been waiting all summer and practically all night for at that point. Fans sang every word of each song at the top of their lungs and desperately tried to hit each note whether they lost their voices already or not. The group made a point to thank fans in between segments of their set and acknowledged the thousands of people who continued to sing along with them throughout the night.

Every single person at PNC Bank Arts Center on July 11, 2019, all wanted the same thing; and the bond, as well as the effortless connection between the fans and the act on stage, was beyond undeniable. Attendees made the most out of every second of the band’s set and Florida Georgia Line did not take that for granted. It may as well have been two in the afternoon because everyone was singing and dancing like it had never rained and the night was still young. The group made that happen with positive attitudes, constant energy and genuinely enjoying themselves on stage while still expressing their gratitude for those in attendance. 

Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line (Photo by Alessandra Guarneri)
Photo by Alessandra Guarneri

Of course, all of the hits were appreciated and sung incredibly loudly by the audience, but it was especially impressive that the fans knew every word to each song included on the setlist in general. It was not a mistake that the venue was sold-out for this tour. The tristate area is home to some of the most determined Florida Georgia Line fans and if they were able to withstand awful weather conditions, it’s not easy to determine where they would draw the line to be able to see this iconic duo. 

When the Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’s tour set ended, PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey, was full of thousands of happy fans. Despite the delay and conditions, this dedicated fanbase endured every minute of the night’s complications to get what they had been waiting for. This tour did not lack energy, talent or fun from start to finish. Florida Georgia Line were undeniably grateful for the experience as a whole and visibly loved every second of the show along with the audience. 

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line (Photo by Alessandra Guarneri)
Photo by Alessandra Guarneri

If you are deciding whether or not to see Florida Georgia Line on tour this summer, you may want to prepare yourself for missing one of the best shows out right now if you can go and pass on it. Be sure to stay up to date with the group and their opening acts on social media and their websites for information on tour dates and tickets.

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