WATCH: Runaway June Open Up About Tour with Carrie Underwood, USWNT, and 'Blue Roses'

PLUS Find Out Which Member Is NOT On Board With a Commemorative Tattoo!

July 17, 2019

Last week, Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland, and Jennifer Wayne of Runaway June sat down with NY Country 94.7's Kelly Ford to talk about their new album Blue Roses which came out on June 28th. 

"We want everyone to feel good listening to it," Hannah explained. "We have some positive break up songs on there too, to say 'it's goes on and you're strong and independent.'"

The ladies also gave us their feelings on the US Women's Soccer team by saying, "we've seen [their win] bring so many people together. Having these women kick so much butt is awesome. By seeing them kill it, everyone feels empowered."

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Back on the topic of the new album, Kelly wondered whether the women would be interested in matching rose tattoos to celebrate. But apparently Jennifer is the only member of the band who is not on board with getting some commemorative ink. "I like the way they look on other people, but wouldn't get one for me," Jennifer says to defend herself. 

Before taking on Kelly's Quick Six, we heard about the highlight of their year: being out on the road with Carrie Underwood. "This tour has got us into some rooms that we would not have been able to play without Carrie" Naomi explains. "It's bucket list item for sure..." 

We also heard, first hand, just how amazing Carrie is not only as a performer but as a mother, a friend, and wife. Kelly also wanted to know about any 'baby fever' the women may have after spending time with Carrie and her family. Rest assured, they ALL do!

Finally, it was time for a "Runaway or Stay" themed Kelly's Quick Six! The ladies weighed in on some made up scenarios stating whether they would "Runaway" or "Stay." Some of these situations included if a guy mentioned his ex-girlfriend three times on a first date; if a guy doesn't offer to pay the bill at dinner; has a messy car; and few more hilarious hypotheticals. 

Runaway June will be back in NYC this October at Madison Square Garden along with Carrie Underwood.