All The Feels: NYC Waiter Returns $400K Check to Customer After Getting Stiffed On The Tip

May 13, 2019
Mad Waiter



Make sure to take care of your wait staff because they may have your back in more than one way.

Armando is a waiter at pizza Patsy's in New York. The walls are covered in photos of famous people who've been there.  When customer Karen and her daughter were there, they asked Armando why there weren't more photos of women.  Armando joked that maybe they just don't like pizza as much, they didn't like that and decided not to leave a tip.

Armando didn't let the lack of a tip stop him from doing the right thing. He realized the ladies accidentally left an envelope behind with a cashier's check in it for 424 THOUSAND BUCKS. It turned out Karen was looking at apartments in the area.  The check was her down payment, and Armando COULD have deposited it since it was a cashier's check.  But instead, he gave it to his boss for safe keeping.

Karen offered Armando a VERY nice tip as a reward.  But he declined.  So she's helping with school supplies because he's working his way through med school. She also apologized for stiffing him.  And in the end, she kind of got what she wanted.  Because they took a photo together.  And now the restaurant is putting a photo of HER on the wall.