If LOCASH Could Add a "Sister" To the Band, Who Would It Be?

The duo also talks new album 'Brothers,' calling radio stations with fake names and more...

March 27, 2019

On March 26th, Kelly Ford welcomed, country duo, LOCASH to the RADIO.COM Theater. After two years in the making, LOCASH will release their fourth studio album, 'Brothers,' on March 29th. 'Brothers' features their current radio single "Feels Like a Party."

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Chris and Preston answered questions that only the closest of friends could have answered. They told Kelly about how they used to use fake names to pitch their own music to radio stations before they got signed to a record label. Genius! They went on to explain that Preston went by "Trent" and Chris went by "Travis", and they always called as record reps from "Twin Brother Promotions." 

Although not actual brothers, the guys certainly have that closeness with each other. So, Kelly had to ask, "who would you add to the band if you had to add a sister?" After some hesitation, they came up with two answers -- Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Wayne -- although they admit they would never be able to look at them the same way again.

Before they left, the guys expressed how excited they were for Kelly Ford for being back in New York City on New York's Country 94.7... and we couldn't agree more!

To see some photos from their visit: CLICK HERE

Watch the full video with LOCASH above and check out the Kelly Ford podcast below.