Blanco Brown Stops By NY's Country 94.7 To Teach "The Git Up" Dance

June 21, 2019

By Alessandra Guarneri

Blanco Brown, a singer-songwriter and producer on the rise, may be taking over your family get-togethers and parties this summer with his hit song "The Git Up" and its accompanying dance. 

Viewers may recognize Blanco Brown from a video he made doing a line dance to the song that ultimately turned into a meme and took the internet by storm. The track, predicted to become the next viral country rap song, debuted at number 66 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its success thus far has only proved that people are eager to hear more of the combination between rap and country after the complete viral takeover of "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X. Currently, "The Git Up" is taking over both streaming platforms and social media, including TikTok, and its dance has kept listeners entertained for hours.

When Brown was recently in New York, he stopped by 94.7 FM to teach our on-air hosts how to master the dance to "The Git Up" and took the time to do an interview as well. Kelly Ford, Katie Neal and Jesse Addy were being taught exactly how to perfect the dance by Brown after following an in-person tutorial. By the time Blanco Brown finished his dance lesson and the hosts learned every lyric to the track, they became professionals and as a result, were ready to show the world just how well they could do it. Watch the full video of how it all happened in New York above. 

​This video shows a fast-paced progression of how easy and fun it is to learn the dance to "The Git Up" and if you're ready to take on this fun summer challenge, be sure to watch Blanco Brown's full video here to learn. This is definitely something you will be seeing at parties following the "Cha-Cha Slide," so it's in your best interest to beat your relatives to learning it first. Between watching videos featuring "The Git Up" and practicing the dance, it is seemingly determined to stick around all summer. 

"The Git Up" currently has over 7 million streams on Spotify and its success continues to increase as time goes on. Brown remains dedicated to impressing music fans around the world with his engaging social media presence and genuine passion for country rap. Thank you, Blanco Brown, for stopping by 94.7 FM and teaching our hosts how to dance to "The Git Up."