Where To Find Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

February 13, 2020
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Finding love is tough. You may have tried dating sites, blind dates, the bar ... but what about your zodiac sign? Astrologist & Author of "The Power of Divine Timing," Joy Yascone joined Kelly Ford In The Morning to give us some tips on where we may find THE ONE! 

Listen tomorrow (Feb 13th at 8:25 AM) as Kelly and Joy surprise our very own Sabrina From Queens with advice on how she can find love.

You can find out more about Joy here: http://www.thepowerofdivinetiming.com

Aries:  You're going to find love on the job.   

Taurus:  You're going to find love by taking a class or traveling. 

Gemini:  You're going to find love on Wall Street.

Cancer: You're going to find love through an app or matchmaker. 

Leo:  You're going to find love at the gym.

Virgo:  You're going to find love down the shore.

Libra:  You're going to find love when your parents make an introduction. 

Scorpio:  You're going to find love thanks to your sister.

Sagittarius:  You're going to find love doing a side hustle.

Capricorn:  You're going to find love at work.

Aquarius: You're going to find love at a yoga or meditation class.

Pisces:  You're going to find love fighting for a cause.