All The Feels: Kip Moore surprises sick ER nurse with a meet & greet

September 29, 2020

    Mary Pew is a HUGE Kip Moore fan! She got married back in 2016 and used Kip's song "Hey Pretty Girl" during her wedding. 

    Unfortunately, Mary has been having horrible headaches and ended up in the hospital for a brain aneurism. She actually works in the ER as a nurse but now was the patient herself. Thanks to the help of some friends, Kip was alerted to what was happening with Mary. 

    Mary was surprised when her husband walked into the recovery room and told her that Kip had recorded himself playing "Hey Pretty Girl" for her.  He played it for her on his phone.  To make things even cooler, Mary got to meet Kip in person thanks to the Butcher's Block in Long Branch NJ! He was in town for some surfing. 

    Mary joined Kelly Ford In The Morning to tell her all about the experience!

    This is magic. * 2 months ago @mary_pew a wife and mother of 2 beautiful daughters was experiencing excruciating headaches. Only to find out she was having a brain aneurysm. During multiple procedures to keep Mary alive she had an onset stroke and we weren’t sure if Mary would live and if so, her right side of her body could be paralyzed. While Mary was fighting for her life her husband and family to us at the Block reached out and asked we use our platform to reach out to @kipmooremusic to bring Mary some hope during her struggle and play their wedding song “hey pretty girl” . Kip did it ! * 2 months later , Kip was in town for some jersey surf and came for dinner at the Block. They got to meet, they got to hug, and Mary, making a full recovery, got to thank him! This is what it’s all about!! Truly is MAGIC! #magic #bringpeopletogether #hope

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