Get Paid $1,000 to Binge Watch All the "Star Wars Movies

December 3, 2019
yoda star wars

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Are you a HUGE fan of Star Wars? You can now actually get paid to watch your favorite show! will pay someone $1,000 to binge-watch all 10 of the "Star Wars" movies back-to-back before the new one comes out on December 20th.  That's 22 hours and 25 minutes of viewing time.  The task needs to be completed by December 20 for the launch of The Rise of Skywalker.

They are looking for "an entertaining Star Wars junkie with a Chewbacca-sized personality, the wit of Han Solo, and the smarts of Master Yoda." You must be active on Twitter and be willing to share your experience of binge-watching all the movies. 

They're accepting applications until next Wednesday.