Camp Kelly: Cootie Catcher Making & Nutella Pie Recipe

July 13, 2020

    Today's at home Camp Kelly adventures include making cookie catchers & mini Nutella pies!

    You remember cookie catchers right? It's those little origami things you that tells your future ... you may have called it a fortune teller. You can ask it really anything. Sabrina From Queens asked the cookie catcher if she will get a boyfriend by the end of the summer and it said NO WAY, LOL!

    Once you get your fortune, pop into the kitchen to cook up a mini Nutella pie! Check out the recipe for the pie and instructions on how to make the cookie catcher below.

    We’re making Nutella pies & cootie catcher fortune tellers today at #CampKelly! Try out these fun activities & tag us in your pics -- @thekellyford @sabrina_sergio #KellyFordInTheMorning

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