All The Feels: Charity Pays Bills For Servers & Bartenders

July 30, 2020

    Who is Pete? That's the question so many bartenders and servers are wondering. 

    Turns out Pete O'Brien was a bartender himself. He was also known for leaving large tips when he dined out. When he passed away in March, his friends paid tribute to him by writing "Put It on Pete's Tab" on the receipt.

    A new charity called "Put It on Pete's Tab" was formed around Pete's generosity.  Donations go to financial assistance for servers and bartenders across the country. In just a matter of months, more than $15,000 has been raised! The charity says, "We exist to take care of those that take care of us".

    You can find out more and make a donation HERE.

    Happy Guerilla Tip Tuesday! This week we had 17 submissions totaling over $900 in Guerilla Big Fat Tips! So many new people got to feel the love!! We love all the members of this community, you guys are really taking this to the next level, we couldn't do any of this without you! Tell us your 'Big Fat Tip' story! Leaving one, finding one. We want to hear it from you! #PutitonPetesTab #HealthcareisaHumanRight #BuildaLongerTable #WeSeeYou #PetesTab #NonProfit #BeTheChange #Donate #SupportLocal #GuerillaTippers #GuerillaTipTuesday #ShowUsYourTips #Hospitality #ServiceIndustry #Bartenders #BigFatTip #PayitForward #TakeCareofthePeopleWhoTakeCareofYou

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