Brett Eldredge Discusses 'Gabrielle,' New Music, + More with Kelly Ford

"A lot of this album is about kind of accepting life for what it is"

April 22, 2020

On the heels of the release of his brand new single, "Gabrielle," Brett Eldredge has announced a new studio album called Sunday Drive, which is set for release on July 10th. The project was recorded in Chicago with GRAMMY-winning producers Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk, the duo behind Kacey Musgrave’s Golden Hour album.

Speaking with New York's Country 94.7's Kelly Ford in the Morning today, Brett discussed what he's been up to now that his beloved baseball season has been suspended during the current pandemic

Aside from watching old ballgame highlights, Brett recently released his brand new track, "Gabrielle." 

"I think this song... and a lot of this album is about kind of accepting life for what it is," Brett tells Kelly. "With 'Gabrielle' it's a relationship that didn't work out... it didn't last and you wonder what it could have been like. But I think it's ok to be shaped by the relationships you've had and become better for it, become grateful for it."

"I think that's what we're dealing with now. It's a tough time but we'll make it through and we'll be better on the other side."

Before letting Brett off the hook, Kelly grilled him on her 'Quarantine Quick Six' questions: Jeans or Jammies? Puzzles or board games? Cardio or carbs? -- and more. Listen to the full interview above!

On top of new music, Brett will also be launching his first-ever official fan club, The Locals, to coincide with the release. To sign up or to learn more, visit

This album wasn’t easy to make, it was scary, it was risking it all And yet very empowering...I had to find the magic back in my life and in my music...I needed to step away and not worry about any other sounds or opinions I was hearing. I needed to listen to my whole damn heart and give it a chance to speak...up til the last couple years, vulnerability has been hard for me...I think sometimes in society we are taught that chasing perfection is what brings happiness...that’s bull shit...letting all your imperfections shine in your life and in my case, your music as well, is what it’s all about...This album SUNDAY DRIVE is my journey of self awareness...I hope today as you get a good little taste of what this album holds, you will find some of yourself in it, let yourself go, roll the windows down in your mind and in your heart and just BE...I love we go

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