Camp Kelly: 4th Of July Confetti Poppers & Cocktails

June 29, 2020

    Camp Kelly 4th of July Bomb Pop Cocktail!  


    Sparkling water

    Red juice like “POM”

    Firecracker Popsicle

    Optional:  champagne, hard seltzer, vodka, gin.

    Basically add a firecracker popsicle to anything sparkling.You can use champagne or hard seltzer with a  dash of pomegranate juice for color. You could also add vodka or gin to sparkling water and “POM” juice. Combine the last two ingredients without the booze for a Mocktail the kiddos will love.  

    @thekellyford is getting you ready for #4thofJuly weekend today at #CampKelly ---- We’re making confetti poppers -- & bomb pop cocktails! --

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    Camp Kelly 4th of July Confetti Poppers!  


    9” balloons

    Empty toilet paper tubes

    Patterned patriotic paper


    Confetti, glitter

    Knot the balloon and cut off the tip.  Stretch balloon tightly around toiler paper roll. Secure with glue or tape. Cover the roll with cutesy red, white and blue paper add some things like ribbon and stickers. Stuff tube with confetti about 3 teaspoons. Not too packed. Then launch that sucker by pulling down on the knotted balloon. It should shoot high into the air with a loud pop!