Walker Hayes Discusses Family Bragging Rights and Performs For Fans at NY's Country 94.7

Check out an interview with performances of "Don't Let Her", "You Broke Up With Me" and "90's Country"

July 11, 2019

"There's no artist that has been dropped or cut or fired as many times as me, I promise," Walker Hayes told the audience to laughter while reflecting on his career during his intimate performance at the RADIO.COM Theater as part of another amazing 'Up Close and Country' for New York's Country 94.7!

Walker is out with his brand new single, "Don't Let Her" and explained to Katie Neal that he wrote the song while on tour with Old Dominion in the U.K. after feeling really depressed over missing his wife and kids. He explained, "I'm used to going 5 or 7 days without seeing them, but this way going to be like 15 days...so 9 or 10 days in I felt really dark and depressed."

He went on to tell the audience about the game that he and his wife, Laney, have played since they were 16 called 'What Would You Do If Something Happened To Me?" and how they used to say things like, "I would never move on..." or, "I would never find someone new." Now that they're older, Walker admits he wouldn't want his wife to be alone and would want her to find love again.

"Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want her to have a party if something bad happened to me...but I eventually want her to find love and meet someone that makes her happy." 

During the fan-submitted questions, Walker touched on the topic of recovery and addiction. He touched on the topic of being a recovering alcoholic and those times when he is asked by people how to handle relationships with people with addictions. He wishes he could connect them to his wife, Laney, so she could tell them exactly how she did it. 

We also heard from Walker about the status of a new album. "I have a plethora of songs that are written that are very personal and intimate," he told the crowd, but he also joked about an ongoing competition going on in his house concerning the songs written about his kids. Walker and Laney have six kids, and each of them have a song written about them, but not everyone has made it on an album yet. It's all about bragging rights in that household!

Before playing his new single "Don't Let Her", Walked also played "You Broke Up With Me," and "90's Country" which features small parts of 22 country songs from the '90s!

Walkers new single "Don't Let Her" was released earlier this year and can be streamed everywhere online right now!

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