What's The Deal Katie Neal: Tips For Scoring The Best Labor Day Weekend Deals

August 28, 2020

    Can you believe Labor Day Weekend is next week? Didn't this summer fly by? Katie Neal always keeps us in the loop with the best deals and promotions, this week she has some tips on what to buy and what to hold off on during Labor Day Weekend.

    Labor day weekend is the perfect time to get yourself a new grill! You can typically find deals up to 50% off. As long as we're talking about the backyard, LDW is also a great time to get patio furniture. Just store it way or pop a cover on it over the winter and you'll be all set for next summer. Plus you can enjoy it for the rest of THIS summer and into the fall as well.

    Been needing a new mattress? This is the weekend to go for it. You can score a great deal and probably a free gift too, like a pillow, or frame.

    Things to hold off on ...

    Fall clothes. You'll actually pay top dollar if you start your fall wardrobe purchases now. Black Friday is actually the best time, although at that point the season is over, but at least you'll be set for next year.