Lauren Davidson On Her 'Urban Country' Style and Working with Her Songwriter Father

October 3, 2019

By Joe Cingrana

By now you already know Lauren Davidson quite well -- she's been featured at our summer kick-offs, talent searches, and charity events -- and now Lauren is back at NY's Country 94.7 with Katie Neal to discuss new music and her happily hectic life. 

Lauren recently made her Madison Square Garden debut, singing the national anthem -- a bucket list item for sure for the native New Yorker.

"I hope to play there with my original music one day," Lauren admits, "but even just singing the national anthem and taking center stage when it's sold out was completely incredible... Even just attending a concert or walking around there, you get those chills."

The Brooklyn-born singer moved with her parents to Bruce Springsteen's hometown of Freehold, New Jersey when she was younger and recently moved back to the Big Apple just a few years ago. Lauren grew up doing theater and always had the itch for music, something she attributes to her singer/songwriter father who gave up his art to raise a family. The family's love of music didn't suffer, however. As Lauren experienced life in New York City, she found herself inspired and sought out the help of her father to bring life to her voice notes and basic musical ideas. 

"Next thing you know I have 1 song, 2 songs, 5 songs, 10 songs -- all with my dad. Then as we started making them actual tracks, and arranging them, and put a band together, and started performing them, I started going down to Nashville and meeting other songwriters and writing there in this country community."

Lauren pins her musical style down to a little mix of country, pop, and rock with a lot of singer/songwriter on top and a focus on telling stories.

"I'm influenced by so many different artists of different genres that I feel like that all is in my music as well... a little bit of Grace Potter, a little bit of Stevie Nicks, a little bit of Carrie's a big hybrid of what I call 'urban country.'"


Watch the full interview with Lauren and Katie above!