Thomas Rhett's Wife Lauren Akins Is Excited To Share Her Family Story in 'Live In Love'

"It's so important for me to share with people our real selves."

August 21, 2020
Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins

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Thomas Rhett's wife Lauren Akins is excited to share her family's story with her new memoir, 'Live in Love.'

Lauren called in to chat with Katie Neal at NY's Country 94.7 today and was full of love as her book just reached a prime spot on Amazon's Best Sellers list.

Head-over-heels about the reception 'Live In Love' has been getting, Lauren tells Katie, "it is wild for sure."

"I think, sharing my story, I hope that people would enjoy reading it and hopefully relating to it. I never dreamed that it would be sitting at #9."

Her reasoning behind sharing the family story comes from a place of understanding and giving people a look into what many might perceive as the "perfect" life.

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"Growing up in the Country music world with Thomas Rhett, I feel like people are always asking questions, wanting to know about us," she explains. "And then, a lot of times, we get people saying 'Oh, to have their life,' or look at us and say, 'relationship goals.' I think this book was so important for me to be able to share with people our real selves."

"Yes we're happy, yes we love each other, yes we adore our three children -- but it took a lot of ups and downs just to get to where we are. And at the end of the day, we are just like every other couple."

Looking past the normal anxiety of releasing the story of your life, one that your family will certainly read, Lauren says she's an open book and had no worries about what tey would have to say. It's what complete strangers take from the book that she has some jitters about.

"Writing this was really not hard," says Lauren. "Releasing it to people that I don't know, that was the hard part. Because I'm like, 'oh man, should I have said all of that in that story, should I have shared every detail?' That's probably the scariest part, but everyone has been so kind and really supportive. So I'm really thankful."

In the end, Lauren hopes the message readers take away from her story is that you are not alone.

"I think every human heart has the same desires deep down. We all want to feel loved, and known, and not alone. I hope that people feel that at the end of the book." 

Lauren Akins' 'Live In Love' is out now.