Hunter Hayes Explains Making 'Wild Blue' As If Nobody Was Watching

September 17, 2019

Hunter Hayes joined Katie Neal on the RADIO.COM Theater stage for another installment of New York's Country 94.7's 'Up Close and Country.' Hunter performed some songs off his latest album 'Wild Blue' as well as some old fan favorites for a room full of lucky listeners. 

Hunter explains how happy he was to finally be able to say that 'Wild Blue' is actually the first album of a three album trilogy. This has been his first release since "The 21 Project" which dropped in 2015. 

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"I was tired of the music I was making" Hunter explained. "I felt like I wasn't telling my truth wholeheartedly, 100%. I knew I had had some of myself in my music but I was missing a large percentage, so I tried to find where those filters were and where those barriers came up and how to destroy them" he stated when asked about how this album series is different from the last albums. 

Hunter explained that he went into the album process with an attitude of "let's make this album like nobody is watching. That removed all the filters I had and allowed me to really express myself and pour myself into it with no fear of judgment or opinions or anything like that."

We also find out that "Wild Blue" was a theme before the song was even written. He describes the 'flying dreams' that his friends had told him about and how they are only possible when someone is really free. Hunter explains that this album is "the process of being 'free' and having the feeling of weightlessness."

The entire 'Wild Blue' record was created and recorded, for the most part, in Hunter's basement. Hunter also wrote on all the tracks and produced most of them. 

He describes the feeling after writing the new single "Heartbreak" and they knew as soon as they wrote it that it would be the first single. "I left that writing session feeling like I was on Cloud 9" he explains.

Hunter answered some questions from the audience and we find out that he's got two of which is a retired racing Grayhound! He explains that even though its a big dog, after a long career of racing, all she wants to do is lay around and be lazy. We also heard from Hunter that a collaboration he would love to make happen is one between him and Shawn Mendes.

'Wild Blue' is available now!