What's The Deal Katie Neal: Get Your Finances Back On Track With These 3 Tips

August 21, 2020

    Every week Katie Neal brings us amazing deals to save money on just about everything! Today she brought in her personal financial advisor to share some tips on how you can get on track with your finances.

    Shannon McLay is the CEO of the Financial Gym. Shannon shared the top 3 things we can be doing with our money to be smart in 2020. She says there are 3 categories people fall into.

    1. People who have been saving money during the pandemic. Since there isn't a whole lot to do, maybe your bills have actually been lower. If this is you, Shannon says you can look into a high-yield savings account to make your money make money! They will earn you more interest than a typical bank account. You can also look into investing with apps like Acor or betterment. 

    2. Emotionally spending or lost job: If you fall into this category due to a loss of a job or spending more money than normal due to stress, you can call your bank and ask for lower rates or forgiveness on some payments. Shannon says things are negotiable.

    3. Unsure of money goals: Shannon says think about what your financial goals are and what you hope to do in the future. Is it travel, pay off the bills, buying a home, paying for college? Whatever it is set some goals so you can work towards them. 

    Shannon is offering New York's Country 94.7 listeners a special deal to her Financial Gym. Use promo code "KATIE NEAL" when signing up and you can save up to 40% off!