Dressing Up As Your Favorite Food This Halloween Will Get You A Free Meal

What's The Deal Katie Neal

October 29, 2019
hotdog halloween costume



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Dressing up as your favorite food this Halloween can earn you some actual FREE FOOD!

DoorDash is running a fun promotion this Halloween to reward people when they dress up as something edible. As long as what you're wearing is able to be ordered on DoorDash, you can earn yourself $10 dollars off that food item on your next order. Dress up as a burger, you'll get a burger ... dress as a taco, you'll get a taco. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Take a pic of yourself, family, friend, or pet dressed as a food item that is orderable on DoorDash

2. Follow @DoorDash on Instagram or Twitter

3. Post your costume photo on Instagram or Twitter using #DashOWeen

4. Wait for DoorDash to DM you $10 in DoorDash credit for the food you’re wearing

5. Open DoorDash app, order food, and “Eat Your Costume!”

Check out all the details HERE!