What's The Deal Katie Neal: Post Pandemic Vacation Getaways Deals

June 5, 2020

    After spending months at home in quarantine people are in need of a vacation! There’s actually a ton of great post-pandemic travel deals up for grabs. If you want to head out west, you can score some really great deals on a trip to vegas!

    Casinos just got the approval to open! So if you’ve been out of work or could use some extra cash, not encouraging gambling but ya know just saying! And if you travel all that way you’re going to want to spend a few nights. Take a guess who how low a price some of these rooms are going for ... 30 bucks!! You can even book a room at a high-end fancy place for around $100. So now’s your chance to be a baller on a budget!

    If you're not quite ready to fly, you can always road trip it out there. Parking is free at many casinos and hotels right now too.