What's The Deal Katie Neal: Free Things To Do This Weekend

January 10, 2020

Getty/Group4 Studio


It's January, you're probably broke after the holiday season. Katie Neal found some fun, FREE or super affordable events you can check out this weekend.

The No Pants Subway Ride: It's back! The annual tradition of riding the NYC subway without any pants is back. All you have to do is meet up in Foley Square. You show up in your normal clothes and someone there will let you know what subway car you'll be riding. At some point during your ride, everyone will their pants off at the same time. You have to play it cool though, that adds to the joke. Bring underwear though, no riding naked. The cost, just a normal Metrocard swipe.

Swim in the TWA Hotel's Infinity Pool: Relax in a heated pool that overlooks the JFK runway. They turned their pool into a jacuzzi for the winter months. You don't even need to be a guest at the hotel to gain access to the pool. 

Ice Cream Museum Tour: Love ice cream? You can take a tour of the Ample Hills Creamery in Red Hook. The tour is FREE! Plus after you check everything out you might as well treat yourself to some.