WATCH: Carolyn Miller Discusses New Single "Summer Time" with Katie Neal

PLUS Find Out What To Expect At Country Shows Here In The NYC Area

August 16, 2019

Katie Neal sat down with Carolyn Miller in the RADIO.COM Theater to talk about the rest of 2019, country music in New York City, her new single "Summer Time", and much more!

Carolyn is a local country singer from Massapequa, NY who had a big year in 2018 after getting married and releasing her "Unbreakable" EP. So far, 2019 has showed no signs of slowing down! In April, she released a new single, "What You Can't Have," opened for Chase Rice, Walker Hayes, and Ashley McBride, and JUST released her latest single called "Summer Time."

"Summer Time" was written by Lance Carpenter, most famous for writing "Love Me Like You Mean It," and recorded just 3 weeks ago. Carolyn explained that as soon as she heard the song she flew to Nashville and recorded it in only one day!

"Its the ultimate summer jam that reflects back on that one summer romance you'll never forget. I feel like we all have one, whether it happened at 14 years old or it happened at 25 years old, you'll never forget that and you can always remember those details like they were yesterday" Carolyn said when explaining the new single.

Before taking off, Carolyn opened up about country music in the New York area and just how important it is to her to represent the genre. She says that in New York, going to a country show is "the cool, new 'it' thing" that locals make an event of. "You'll see everyone in American flag bandanas and button down plaid shirts and boots...everyone goes and tailgates"

Carolyn is playing at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall on Saturday, August 17th and you can stream check out her new song, "Summer Time," everyone online right now!