Back To Back: Tenille Townes, Shania Twain, Kacey Musgraves, and Runaway June

Spotlighting the Women of Country Music, Back to Back

April 28, 2020
Back To Back April 28

Tune in on Tuesday every week at 1:15PM to hear Katie Neal spotlight the women of Country music, back to back. Each week we will feature music, new and old, from the pillars and rising stars of the genre.

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Featured this Week:

Tenille Townes

Tenille Townes is celebrating the release of her EP Road to the Lemonade Stand and two Academy of Country Music Award nominations, her career firsts. You may remember Tenille, who opened for Dierks Bentley last summer on the Burning Man Tour. She was inspired to write her new single "Jersey on the Wall" after visiting a small-town high school in Grand Manan, New Brunswick that was mourning the loss of a student. The song is a beautiful reflection of faith, grief, and life's biggest questions.


Shania Twain

You can't think of '90s country music without thinking of genre pillar, Shania Twain. A five-time GRAMMY winner, Shania paved the way and influenced many of today's female artists. Recently, Shania celebrated the 25th "birthday" of her very first number one song, "Any Man of Mine."


Kacey Musgraves

If I was stranded on a deserted island with only one record to listen to, I would want it to be Kacey Musgraves GRAMMY Award-Winning Album of the Year, Golden Hour. One of my favorites and a classic from the project, "Rainbow," is hitting a little differently these days as we are all looking for a brighter day ahead.


Runaway June

This trio performed at our inaugural Stars and Strings concert here in NYC last December and instantly won over the crowd at Barclays Center. Naomi, Jennifer, and Hannah are the girls you want to have happy hour with every week. Always laughing and bringing their impressive harmonies, they are impossible not to love! Their latest single, "Head Over Heels," shows off their songwriting and sassy storytelling skills.