Justin Moore


Justin Moore Intertwines Old With New Effortlessly On 'Late Nights and Longnecks'

The singer's fifth studio album may be his best yet.

July 26, 2019

By Alessandra Guarneri 

Justin Moore effortlessly intertwines old with new on his new album, Late Nights and Longnecks, released on July 26, 2019, following his last album release back in 2016. 

The singer’s fifth studio album provides listeners with songs for every occasion. This LP fits the scene for a family barbeque, long drive or relaxing at home. Moore tells a new, yet seemingly ongoing, story through each track that brings listeners right back to a similar memory of their own or vividly imagining Moore’s memory. The ‘Kinda Don’t Care’ singer seemed to care a lot about this album and making sure that it connected to both his roots and the new generation of country. Late Nights and Longnecks finds the ideal balance between his older projects and where the genre seems to be heading now. 

New fans and listeners get to know the singer-songwriter through songs like “That’s My Boy,” which discusses his newborn son, and “Jesus and Jack Daniels” which touches on his family life and childhood. The musical arrangements on this album fit each individual track’s vibe and message down to a T. As a result, listeners undeniably learn just how versatile Moore is as an artist. He co-wrote on all ten songs and through his passionately strong vocals, it’s evident just how much each one means to him. 

Late Nights and Longnecks is a project full of Moore’s emotion and soul. Each track on this album has a purpose and flows effortlessly right into the next one. Between the flawless production and vulnerability presented on this work, Moore may be making other artist’s think twice about where they want to take their own music next. This LP is going to be a hard one to top and its release falls at a perfect time. As there is still a significant amount of summer left and these tunes are also perfect for any season, especially fall, Moore seems to have it all figured out when it comes to the music, timing and connecting to an audience.  

There is no exact way to capture the power and excellence provided by this work. The genuine songwriting, fitting instrumentals and important messages presented on Late Nights and Longnecks will make every fan fall in love with it within just a few songs. Listeners truly get to know Moore, both as an artist and a person, even more than they did before. This project is honest, graceful and memorable right down to its tasteful guitar licks and drum fills. The attention to detail is not only impressive, but also highly admirable. Moore clearly took his time with Late Nights and Longnecks and every second of it was worth it because this work is a masterpiece all on its own.