The Sisterhood's Alyssa + Ruby Explain the Origins of the Band and What's Coming Next

October 9, 2019

The Sisterhood Band, Alyssa Bonagura and Ruby Stewart, dropped by New York's Country 94.7 to chat with Jesse Addy and give us a look into where the band got its start and where they're headed. Both women grew up in the music industry; Alyssa is the daughter of Kathie Baillie and Michael Bonagura of Baillie & the Boys, while Ruby is the daughter of British Rock n' Roll icon Rod Stewart.

Before Alyssa and Ruby had ever met, they were hard at work on their own, separate, solo music projects and had met randomly between a group of mutual friends. After getting to talking about the state of their careers and where they were each headed. Ruby was in a band at the time, while Alyssa was on her own.

"I love being in a band," says Ruby. "Alyssa's parents told her not to be in a band, my dad was like, 'be in a band, it's so much fun! You get to travel the world together...' So, when we met each other, I think she thought we were working on my solo project, and I was trying to just convince her to be in a band with me."

Sisterhood Band, Alyssa Bonagura and Ruby Stewart in the RADIO.COM Theater with Jesse Addy
(Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNSH)

"But before that, we hadn't even talked about music," Alyssa adds. "We just became friends... we were talking about how we grew up on the road and I grew up on a bus with my mom and dad... my whole life I toured as a 'bus baby' and her whole life, she grew up as a plane baby with her dad in Rock n' Roll..."

"Caviar and champagne at three-years-old," Ruby jokes. "It was awesome."

Alyssa explained her musical background and education, attending the Paul McCartney School in England during her college years learning music engineering while working on solo projects. Post-college, Alyssa had moved to Nashville and got a job writing songs, even a commercial for Lowe's, while recording her own album. (Yes, we found that for you...)

Ruby had a little bit of a, let's say "alternative," childhood experience. With "Hot Rod" Stewart playing the biggest arenas at the time, Ruby remembers playing massive games of soccer with all of her siblings in the arenas they visited. "We have enough siblings for us all to basically be a team."

These days Alyssa, an only child, has become a part of the Stewart family. "It's funny," Ruby says, "when we go out to dinner with my dad, [people] are like, 'oh these are all your kids' with Alyssa..." and she simply smiles and waves just like she's one of the family.

Watch the full interview with The Sisterhood Band above as the women discuss how they came together in Nashville after not feeling truly fulfilled with the way their music was headed, and how another rocker offspring introduced them to each other!

Be on the lookout for The Sisterhood Band's album coming in 2020 and check out the video for their single "Get Up and Go" below.