WATCH: Thompson Square On "Masterpiece," Family Life, and How They Go On Stage Even After Arguments

August 14, 2019

Keifer and Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square came up to New York's Country 94.7 in NYC to talk to Jesse Addy about a variety of things including their latest album, their upcoming tour, their family lives, and more. 

"Masterpiece" is the latest album from Thompson Square which was released on June 1st, 2018 and includes the title single, "Masterpiece" and well as fan-favorite, "Breakers." Keifer explains that the songs "Masterpiece" was written about the best thing in their lives and "Breakers" is about the worst time in their lives. 

The duo talks about their independent mindset when approaching the album. Keifer explains how they brought a fully produced album to Reviver Records, their new record label, while expecting the usual "thats cute... now, let's bring in the professionals to clean it up" response. However, Keifer credits the new label with embracing the direction they took and supporting their artistic decision. 


Keifer briefly spoke about the struggles they went through with labels in the past and explains that two of the songs on the album were recorded by Dann Huff over 3 years ago. They were recorded so long ago, that the duo had to have the songs re-mixed and re-mastered to keep up with the current production standards and techniques.

When asked about the title track, "Masterpiece," Keifer explains how he woke up at 5:30 am with the word in his mind, and he felt inspired to get up and finish the song. We learn that when he played the song for Shawna, she had tears in her eyes and said it was her favorite song Keifer has ever written. When it was written, the song was originally called "Life." When Shawna heard the song, she insisted that they go back into the studio and record that song. The duo both agree that it was "the one song that the album needed."

He also reflected on how above everything else, he's remembered for bringing his son, Cooper, into the world.

On the subject of marriage, the duo jokes that they are "the only married duo in country music." They explain that over the 20 years of their relationship, they've only spent maybe a week apart from each other. Shawna says a major part of their relationship success is Keifer's gift of making her laugh and keeping things fun. 

"We have barn-burners too though, dude. We can fight," Keifer explains to Jesse. The duo then jokes about having to go on stage and smile and laugh only minutes after being in a heated argument backstage before their performance. 

Later this year, Thompson Square will be on tour in Germany, Ireland, Amsterdam, and the U.K. while they leave their son at home... something that they both are not looking forward to. 

Before they left, Keifer and Shawna explained how they have to hold back tears every concert when their son, Cooper, comes out before "Masterpiece" and entertains the crowd... lately by singing his ABC's.