Midland Announce 'Up Close & Country' In NYC, Discuss New Album & Tour Schedule

September 4, 2019

Mark Wystrach, Cam Duddy, and Jess Carson of Midland came up to the New York's Country 94.7 studio to hang out with Jesse Addy and help him announce our next 'Up Close & Country' -- interestingly enough it's with Midland here at the RADIO.COM Theater in NYC on September 16th! 

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The guys recently released their second studio album Let It Roll, which features their latest single, "Mr. Lonely" as well as the fan-favorite, "Fourteen Gears."

Jess explains that "Mr. Lonely" is a "fun song and kind of a calling card for our sound." He goes on to say, "if you've never heard Midland before, and you heard this one, you'd have a pretty good idea of what we're doing."

Jesse mentioned the bold move they pulled by having the first song of the album be the title track, "Let It Roll." Cam talked us through some of the mindset they had going into the studio already knowing they were going to open the album with that track and close it with "Roll Away." Cam also explains that for the last two and a half years, more than 300 days a year, the guys have been playing the exact same songs and it started to feel like they were stuck in the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. So, the new album will bring a greatly desired change of pace to the Midland live set including a new stage plot, a new setlist, new lighting, and more!

With New York City on the band's minds, we also found out that Mark pulled off the impossible by having dinner at the world-famous Rao's, a restaurant where tables are passed down in families for multiple generations. Hey, is there any way you can squeeze us in with you next time, Mark? We're totally like family now, aren't we? Mark? Mark...

Midland's tour starts on September 17th at Terminal 5 in NYC.