Jon Pardi Says Waiting To Release New Album 'Heartache Medication' is Like "Getting a New Car"

September 27, 2019

Jon Pardi's new studio album Heartache Medication is out TODAY (Friday, September 27th). The album features his current hit single and the album's title track, along with 13 other songs, including a duet with Lauren Alaina.

Jon says the album's title is pretty much strung through all the songs on the album. 

"I liked 'Heartache Medication' cause it was kind of a theme on every song. I mean, it was something that made you feel better and you listen to Heartache Medication and you're gonna feel better, and it's fun, so I thought that had a cool kind of idea for the album title, and, of course, 'Heartache Medication' is super upbeat and it's fun and you can dance to it and it's been real fun to sing and get feedback from."

Jon dropped by the RADIO.COM Theater this week to talk with New York's Country 94.7's Jesse Addy about the new release and explained what it's like to await a new album, in terms even non-country stars could understand.

It feels like, "waiting to get a new car" says Pardi."You've had your ups and downs with this car. You've had some really good trips, like some REALLY good trips, but know it's like... time for new tires. I mean, the alternator's about to go out... you need a nice shiny new vehicle that you feel good about! You know, it may be three years, but it's time. I got a new ride and everybody needs to check it out!"

The guys also got into what song on the album was inspired by a fight the couple had the night before and how Lauren Alaina ended up on the album. Also, find out what makes Jon Pardi jealous of Dierks Bentley!

Jon celebrates his album release with a show at Hammerstein Ballroom on September 27th! His Heartache Medication Tour kicks off on October 1st and 2nd at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Both shows are already sold out.

Watch the full interview above!