How To Find Out If Someone Is Cheating On You

Something I Learned In The Elevator

October 15, 2019
Angry Couple



Did you ever see a couple and feel something was just off? A new study found that strangers know a lot more about you then you might think. Apparently a complete stranger can tell if you or your partner is cheating just by observing you together for a few minutes. 

51 couples were asked to take a survery about their infidelity in the relationship. They were then recorded on video for about 4 minutes as they played blindfolded pictionary. The videos were then shows to strangers who were asked to guess which couples they thought had at least one cheating partner. 

Amazingly, the strangers guesses were pretty much in line with what the couples put down in their survey. The strangers weren't right all the time but most of the time they correctly identified the cheaters.  The researchers didn't have a real reason explaining how strangers can pick out cheaters. They believe it may be part of evolution, protecting humans from raising children that aren't ours ... but who really knows, magic maybe?!