WATCH: Chris Janson Discusses Collabs with Offset and Blake Shelton

October 28, 2019

Chris Janson sat down with Jesse Addy in the RADIO.COM Theater to talk about his new album "Real Friends," collaborating with Offset and Blake Shelton and much more! 

Chris currently has the #1 country song in America with "Good Vibes" and spoke about how he wrote and recorded that song, as well as the rest of the album in his home. He explains that when he took his new songs to the label, they loved it and said to "just keep doing what you're doing," which as Chris explained was "just making songs at the house." We also learn that he's good friends with all of the co-writers and even his wife has a writing credit on one of the songs.

Jesse told Chris that he thinks 'Good Vibes' pretty much sums him up: "If I ever walked into a room and Chris Janson wasn't in a good mood, I'd just walk out because that day isn't worth living," explained Addy. Chris explains that this perpetual 'good vibe' is due to his Christian faith, his great marriage, and his kids being awesome and healthy. He then says that "music comes after those things...I also happen to love my work and my job."

Jesse asked him about "Say About Me," the "run around track" A.K.A. "the track where he's going to be running around the arena or theater." Chris says when he wrote the song he wanted to write "something between Hank Jr. in '83 and Migos..." He explains during the writing process the label asked if he would be open to doing a collaboration, which he doesn't usually do. He told the label "I'll only do a collab with Migos, specifically Offset."

Funny enough, once the label reached out and Offset agreed, the two ran into each other two months later in Los Angeles at Shake Shack while they were in line waiting to order some hamburgers! 

We are both Fathers Of Four. All Good Vibes with @offsetyrn

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Janson explains that he and Offset have a lot in common. "We come from two different worlds, but we come from similar situations - We're both very thankful and we both come from not a whole lot. We both started from the bottom and built everything from a grassroots way and made our deal to what it is today." 

Another collaboration we can find on the album is one between Chris and Blake Shelton. Chris told Jesse that even though they are good friends, he went through the proper channels to get him on the track. He explained that he didn't want to call him as a friend and ask to be on the record because he was worried about putting his friend in an awkward situation.

"Collaborating with Blake or Offset isn't me needing something from's strictly on an artistic basis. I felt in my heart that Blake was the best to collaborate with on this song."

Chris is also a part of our Stars and Strings concert with Sam Hunt, Dustin Lynch, and many more! Chris explains that they're all good friends but there is always some competition. "The world is a competition...that's why we're alive, man. But in a good and humble way. When I play music, I love the comradery. I'm glad for my friends when they get number one songs and I'm thankful when they're glad for me too, but don't think they don't want it and don't think that I don't want it." Chris explains that he prays for humility and tries to only pay attention to himself and not distract himself with how good his peers are doing. 

Chris's new album "Real Friends" is available everywhere right now!