WATCH: Blanco Brown Reacts to Tim McGraw's "Don't Take The Girl" Collab Video and Explains "Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs"

October 10, 2019

Blanco Brown is taking the country music world by storm with his hit single "The Git Up" which debuted earlier this year.

Less than 30 minutes before they started the interview, Tim McGraw released a video of the two singing "Don't Take The Girl" which was the first country song that Blanco heard when he was young...the song that sparked his love for country music. Blanco was fighting back tears while explaining how much that moment with Tim meant to him and how heavily the lyrics effected his life and made him "live with purpose."

After talking about the Tim McGraw video and influence, the conversation turned to Blanco's new album "Honey Suckle & Lightning Bugs." Blano explains the title of the album was inspired by his growing up in the city of Atlanta as well as in rural Georgia. "[Honeysuckle and Lightning Bugs] are two things that tie those two worlds together. No matter if I was in the hood or in the country, I saw both of those things and felt like I was at home."

Jesse and Blanco also bonded over their growing up around soap operas...or "stories" as Blanco's grandmother called them. We find out that Blanco was a "General Hospital" fan, while Jesse was more of a "Guiding Light" type of guy.

Blanco's new record "Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs" comes out on on October 11th.