Something I Learned In The Elevator: 5 Ways To Tell If She's Into You

February 11, 2020
coffee date



With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Jesse Addy shared some dating tips on today's "Something I Learned In The Elevator." Ok guys, so you're on a date and wondering if she's into you. Here are some things to be on the lookout for.

1. Blushing

2. See if here feet are pointed towards you. If they are, it's a good thing!

3. Eye contact & big pupils.

4. Is she mirroring you? For example, if you cross your legs does she do the same shortly after? If she does, she probably likes you! 

5. Pay attention to what is or isn't physically in between both of you. If she's attracted to you there will most likely not be anything in the middle. For example, if her purse is directly in front of her that may be a sign she is not really feeling it.